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Ireland Tourist Guide


Ireland has a wealth of waterways and rivers, which make it an ideal location for boating and river cruising. Five main waterways connect the whole island: the River Shannon, the Shannon Erne Link, the Erne Waterway, the Grand Canal and the Barrow Navigation. Linking these waterways is a network of lakes, canals and inlets that ensure that a journey though Ireland is diverse and breathtaking experience. As an island, Ireland has a long and distinguished history of sailing and there are all over the country locations where passengers can charter a boat and take to the inland waterways.

The landscape of Ireland is wild and beautiful and home to thousands of years of rich history. Pure and unspoiled landscapes, rugged coastlines, and vibrant cities all serve to draw the traveler into the mythical country, which is said to boast 40 shades of green. Dublin and Belfast are amongst the most energetic cities in Europe combining modern architecture with historic buildings. Outside Dublin, the castles and mountains draw visitors to the undisturbed north, while all over the county beautiful and dramatic landscapes are interspersed with small villages, each one providing a warm and hospitable welcoming to the visitor.

Ireland is an increasing popular tourist destination, offering breathtaking and mystical landscapes, cultural delights and vibrant cities. The beautiful landscape creates a perfect environment for those wanting to get away to experience unspoiled nature, and the myriad of waterways through Ireland provide an ideal opportunity to do this in a relaxing and refreshing manner.

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