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The Amazon cruise vessel, Tucano, was first launched in September 1997. Measuring over 80 feet in length, Tucano is a spacious cruiser, offering 9 comfortable cabins with en suite facilities and air-conditioning. The boat is fitted with beautiful woodwork including decks finished in deep brown natural wood. Catering for small groups of just 18 passengers, with trained naturalist guides and thoughtful itineraries, a cruise on the Tucano provides a genuine and thrilling experience through the Amazon rainforest.



Take part in an authentic exploration of the Amazon forest in this comfortable and elegant motor yacht. The Tucano, first launched in September 1997, explores the centre of the least inhabited part of the Amazon, the state of Amazonas, Brazil.

A cruise on the Tucano is a thrilling experience. Rise with the sun every morning and watch birds and monkeys along the banks of the river while savouring a delicious breakfast prepared by the crew. The whole day will be filled with adventures allowing you to experience the Amazon rainforest such as travelling on the river, excursions using the boat's launches or walks in the forest to observe the fauna and flora. The skilled, professional crew will be there to guide and take care of you, ensuring you have everything you need during your journey.

The salon at the front of the boat offers splendid views of the rainforest. The bright and very comfortable room is also used as a dining room and library. The Tucano’s salon is surrounded by a balcony and has 15 windows which give you excellent views of the magnificent rivers that surround you. Look to the water for freshwater dolphins, scan the sky for exotic birds or just relax with a good book. Delicious, buffet style meals incorporating fresh local ingredients are offered in the dining area. Wine, beer and soft drinks are served at an extra charge.

Stand on the forward balcony for views of the forest canopy. You can also contemplate the wonders of nature from the deck. The deck is an exceptional place to catch some sun as well as observe wildlife and soak in the vastness of the Amazon. Every evening, during the magnificent sunsets, appetizers are served here. After sunset you can observe the millions of stars and constellations of the Southern Hemisphere. Some evenings, theme parties are organised on board, like the Caipirinha party, where guests enjoy cocktails and dancing on the deck.

The Tucano has 9 tastefully decorated cabins with private facilities and air-conditioning. The walls of the cabins are finished wood of deep brown that create a warm and cosy atmosphere. You can relax on your bed and watch the rainforest from your window while reading an exploration novel, one of the greatest pleasures of the Tucano’s experience. A voyage on this vessel gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild nature of the Amazon adventure while also allowing you to unwind, stand on the deck and breathe the fresh air scented by Amazon blossoms.


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